ThirstyBear Brewery Saves with SF Energy Watch

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ThirstyBear Brewery, located at 661 Howard Street, became the first brewery-restaurant in San Francisco to serve all certified premium organic handcrafted ales and lagers since it opened back in 1996.

San Francisco Green Business, ThirstyBear is committed to sustainable practices, from serving all natural meats and seasonal local produce to reducing energy consumption and diverting waste from the landfill through recycling and composting. Tim Mullins, General Manager, is always looking for ways to reduce energy costs.

In 2008, ThirstyBear took advantage of the incentives offered through the SF Energy Watch program to upgrade over 250 incandescent lamps to energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps and low wattage halogens.

To ensure that the restaurant continued to be energy efficient, Tim turned again to SF Energy Watch in 2013 to retrofit the entire 18,000 square foot restaurant to long life, energy-saving LED lighting. 

"SF Energy Watch was successful for us," said Tim. "Once the correct LED lamps were installed, we've seen the immediate results in energy savings and the energy savings now that we're not changing light bulbs every day. This is one less thing to manage in a busy, high-volume restaurant setting!"

The annual savings included $11,953 in energy and $4,170 in projected maintenance. An extra bonus is that the LED project will prevent about 330 lamps from going to the landfill annually!This new technology and the SF Energy watch program incentives made a lot of sense to Tim who couldn’t be happier with the resulting cost savings.

More information
ThirstyBear Brewery Case Study (PDF)