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City and County of San Francisco Municipal Employee Programs (Transportation)

The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) offers a variety of sustainable transportation programs for municipal employees to make walking, biking, transit, carpool, and rideshare the easiest choice. San Francisco aims to have 80% of all trips made through sustainable modes by 2030. Help us reach this goal by maximizing your use of these programs:

Transportation Discounts

Commuter Benefits: Commuters save ~30% on your transit and vanpool expenses: money deducted from your paycheck before taxes can significantly reduce your transit costs. Enroll in the Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Program to join your fellow CCSF employees who are collectively saving $1,000,000 a year. 

Carshare: Get more miles for your money with discounted carshare access. Have the convenience of a car without the hassle and cost!

Bikeshare: As a City employee, get $25 off an annual membership with Ford GoBike! With it comes unlimited access to thousands of bikes in the bay area, and the first 45 minutes of every ride are free!

Free Clipper Card: City employees can receive a free Clipper Card to provide easy access to all public transportation systems in the Bay Area.


CityCycle: Get fit, reduce stress, and have fun by biking to your meetings. CityCycle is a free shared bike fleet available at departments throughout the city that can be reserved by employees as needed, with all accessories included. 

Rideshare: Find a match to carpool or vanpool with to work. Sharing the ride with just one other person will cut your commuting costs in half and with vanpools save with pre-tax benefits.  New apps offer flexibility for one-way, round-trip and sporadic carpooling.

Telecommuting: Telecommuting allows eligible employees to perform their work from designated areas during regular work hours.  Please contact your supervisor to determine if you are eligible to telecommute based on the criteria in the Department of Human Resources Telecommuting Policy.  

Just in Case

Emergency Ride Home: Do you commute sustainably to work? If a personal or family emergency strikes on a day that you did, we have you covered. Get to where you need to go as soon as you can, save the receipt, and we’ll reimburse your ride. 

How Can We Help?

Request a Presentation: SF Environment staff can present to your Department during your next staff meeting or new employee orientation. SF Environment staff members are available to present during your departmental meetings or orientations. 

Request Materials: Sustainable transportation brochures and posters are available for distribution.

Sustainable Transportation Hotline: We are available to help you commute smart. Call our hotline at 415.355.3700 or e-mail us at [email protected]  and a member of our team will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.  

For more information, contact:

San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
City & County of San Francisco
Phone: (415) 355-3700
Email: [email protected]

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