San Francisco Environment Department

Health Disparities

One way the EJ program addresses health disparities is by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and asthma triggers in low-income homes. In conjunction with SF Housing Authority, we are working to reduce the use of toxic pesticides. The EJ program also addresses food insecurity and supports community gardens to provide produce in underserved neighborhoods.


San Francisco Healthy Homes
SF Environment is collaborating with community stakeholders to develop a plan to transform the community’s vision of healthy homes and neighborhoods into achievable goals and actions.  San Francisco Healthy Homes used a framework called Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), involving several assessments and prioritizing goals and actions with community input.

Asthma is a public health problem, especially among poor families. Many factors can contribute to asthma, including mold, dust, pests and certain cleaning products and pesticides. We strive to improve indoor air quality, reduce toxic chemical exposure and promote safer pest management programs.

Food Security
Residents living in low-income neighborhoods face major barriers to obtaining affordable, healthy, and nutritious food. We support community efforts to improve food security and increase access to fresh produce.


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