Resolution 009-12-COE CleanPowerSF Program

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

[CleanPowerSF Program]

Resolution in Support of Board of Supervisors Resolution and Ordinance Approving the CleanPowerSF Program (File No. 111340).

WHEREAS, The San Francisco Commission on the Environment recognizes that the reduction of carbon emissions in San Francisco is central to ensuring a sustainable future; and,

WHEREAS, In 2004, the San Francisco Climate Action Plan set a greenhouse gas reduction objective of 20% below the 1990 baseline by 2012 and 80% below by 2050; and,

WHEREAS, In 2008, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance 81-08: Climate Change Goals and Action Plan Ordinance, which codified these greenhouse gas reduction targets in Chapter 9 of the Environment Code and called for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, in coordination with the Department of the Environment to develop a plan to achieve a fossil fuel-free electricity supply for the city by 2030; and, 

WHEREAS, Local renewable energy production and procurement offers the largest single opportunity to reduce community wide greenhouse gas emissions, and the Commission has adopted a goal of meeting 100% of the City’s electricity demand with renewables in the shortest amount of time that is technically and economically possible; and, 

WHEREAS, The Renewable Energy Task Force, staffed by the Department of the Environment and the Mayor’s Office, has determined in its meetings that the goal of 100% renewable power cannot be met without green power purchasing options; and,

 WHEREAS, The City of San Francisco, under the leadership of the SF Public Utilities Commission, has established a Community Choice Aggregation program known as CleanPowerSF to provide electric power to the residents and businesses located within its jurisdiction; and,

WHEREAS, The program will also include the build-out of local renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures that will create local jobs and community benefits; and,

WHEREAS, The full Commission on the Environment did not meet prior to the Board of Supervisors’ public hearing on and approval of the CleanPowerSF measures and the Policy Committee who met on September 10, 2012 has endorsed support and forwarded its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors; therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Commission on the Environment urges the Board of Supervisors to adopt the resolution and ordinance approving the CleanPowerSF Program; therefore, be it,

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Commission on the Environment urges the Department of the Environment to partner with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to create a comprehensive education and outreach plan and effort to ensure broad understanding of and broad participation in the program.


            I hereby certify that this Resolution was approved by the Commission on the


Environment at its meeting on Thursday, September 20, 2012.


Monica Fish, Commission Secretary

VOTE:       5-0 (Approved)

AYES:       Commissioners Tuchow, Gravanis, Arce, Stephenson and Wald

NOES:       None

ABSENT:   Commissioners King and Mok