Resolution adopting the 2014 San Francisco Street Tree Recommendations List.

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[San Francisco Street Tree Recommendations List]

Resolution adopting the 2014 San Francisco Street Tree Recommendations List.

WHEREAS, The San Francisco Street Tree Recommendations List was developed to improve coordination of the urban forest through the following actions: (1) to reconcile the recommended street tree lists of the two major tree planting organizations, the Department of Public Works and the Friends of the Urban Forest; (2) to increase the diversity of the urban forest by considering new or under utilized street tree species; and (3) to serve as a single source of information to eventually develop materials for public education regarding street tree planting; and,

WHEREAS, The Street Tree Recommendations List is a collaborative effort between the Urban Forestry Council, Friends of the Urban Forest, and the Department of Public Works Bureau of Urban Forestry to achieve the three actions listed above; and,

WHEREAS, The next phase will be to continually make adjustments to the Street Tree Recommendations List based on performance of existing species listed and evaluation of new proposals or introductions and to develop a reference of species characteristics and cultural requirements for the public; now, therefore be it,

RESOLVED, The Urban Forestry Council at their March 23, 2014 meeting reviewed and adopted the 2014 Recommended Street Tree List that is attached to this Resolution.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on May 23, 2014.

Monica Fish, Council Secretary                  Dan Flanagan, Council Chair



VOTE:  Approved 8-0; 2 Absent; 1 Vacant

Ayes:  Council Members Flanagan, Short, Hillan, Hillson, Kida, Leffingwell, Sullivan, Swae

Noes:  None

Absent:   Council Members Most and Sherwin