Resolution Amending the Urban Forestry Council Bylaws Quorum and Voting

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[Amend Urban Forestry Council Bylaws]

Resolution amending the Urban Forestry Council's Bylaws Article VI – Meetings, Section 1: Quorum to change quorum requirements for Urban Forestry Council meetings.
WHEREAS, The Urban Forestry Council at its June 23, 2015  meeting amended the Urban Forestry Council’s Bylaws Article VI-Meetings, Section1: Quorum to eight members based on the membership of fifteen voting members.
Article VI - Meetings

Section 1:  Quorum

At all meetings of the Council, the presence of a majority of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum. The affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members shall be required for the approval of any matter. Therefore, based on the original membership of eleven fifteen voting members, six eight members constitute a quorum. Likewise, six eight affirmative votes are required for the approval of any matter.