Resolution Amendments to Public Works Code Landmark Trees

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

[Landmark Tree Code Amendments]

Urban Forestry Council Resolution recommending Amendments to Article 16, Sections 802 and 810 of the Public Works Code.

WHEREAS, The Urban Forestry Council has been charged with developing recommendations for the Board of Supervisors for designation of landmark trees through Article 16, Section 803 of the Public Works Code; and,

WHEREAS, San Francisco currently recognizes several groves of landmark trees, which were protected within Article 16, Sections 802 and 810 of the Public Works Code, before passage of the current landmark tree designation process; and,

WHEREAS, Groves provide many of the benefits stated for individual trees in Urban Forestry Council Resolution 001-04-UFC dated April 14, 2004; and,

WHEREAS, Groves may provide significant ecological, cultural, historical, and aesthetic benefits only gained by trees functioning in a larger group; and,

WHEREAS, The Urban Forestry Council recognizes that San Francisco’s existing landmark tree ordinance can be strengthened through creating provisions of landmark groves of trees; now therefore be it,
            RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council urges that the Board of
Supervisors recognize the importance of such groves of trees through adopting the Urban Forestry Council’s Landmark Tree recommendations for amendments to Article 16, Section 802 & 810 of the Public Works Code.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on January 25, 2013.



Monica Fish, Council Secretary                     Urban Forestry Council Chair

VOTE:   9-0; 1 Absent; 1 Vacant

AYES:  Council Members D’Agostino, Buck, Costello, Hillan, Hillson, Sherwin, Sider, Sullivan, and Sutherland.

NOES:  None

ABSENT:  Member Flanagan