Resolution Endorsing the Redwood tree at 4 Montclair Terrace for Landmark Tree Status

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

[Resolution endorsing the Redwood tree at 4 Montclair Terrace for landmark tree status.]

Resolution endorsing the Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens) at 4 Montclair Terrace (Assessor’s Block 0068, Lot 011) for Landmark Status, pursuant to Public Works Code Section 810(b).

WHEREAS, Public Works Code, Article 16, Section 810 charges the Urban Forestry Council to examine nominated landmark trees using criteria approved by the Board of Supervisors; and,

WHEREAS, The Urban Forestry Council finds that the Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens) at 4 Montclair Terrace fulfills the Landmark Tree criteria as follows:

Rarity: The Council finds that the trees is an uncommon species and that a specimen of this size and species is uncommon in San Francisco. 

Physical Attributes: The tree has a distinguished form and is in good health and condition.

Environmental: Located in one of the most popular tourism destinations in San Francisco, the tree is highly visible from the heavy traffic area of Lombard Street and may provide wildlife habitat; and,

WHEREAS, This tree provides social, environmental and economic benefits to the property, neighborhood and city; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council recommends this tree for landmark status to the Board of Supervisors.

I hereby certify that this resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s regular meeting on March 24, 2017.


Anthony Valdez                                                     Dan Flanagan

Commission Affairs Manager                            Chair, Urban Forestry Council


Vote:              9-0 Approved        

Ayes:              Flanagan, Crawford, Hillan, Lacan, Andrew Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Carter, Swae, Taylor

Noes:             None

Absent:          Short, Lowman, Pierce