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San Francisco Department of the Environment 
View services offered by SF Environment, and learn about San Francisco's environmental policies.  

SF Recycles
What goes where? Find out which items go in which bin: recycling, composting, landfill, or, in the case of products with toxic or hazardous materials, no bin at all 

SF Plant Finder 
Find plants that grow well in your San Francisco neighborhood and learn about your plant community - do you live in an are where coastal scrub grows well, or in a woody or grassland area? (with San Francisco Planning Committee)

SF Environment’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023
View San Francisco's multi-year strategic plan. 

SF Approved
View green products and services that meet the City of San Francisco's health and environmental requirements and are approved, suggested, or prohibited for city purchasing.

Recycle Where? 
How to recycle, reuse, or safely get rid of just about anything, like batteries, light bulbs, and mannequins! (with Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and Palo Alto)

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