San Francisco Department of the Environment

Safe Medicine Disposal Locations for Residents

Unused medicine is a threat to both public health and the environment. Since 2003, more drug overdoses occur annually from prescription medicines than cocaine and heroin combined. Accidental poisonings from medicines in the home are also a concern for young children, seniors, and pets. 

All San Francisco police stations accept unwanted medicine. Stations now have medicine collection kiosks and police reports are no longer required. 

Dispose of your unwanted and expired medicine at a drop-off location near you:

Castro/Upper Market
AHF Pharmacy, 4071 18th St., 415.255.2720
Walgreens (Pharmacy Hours Only), 498 Castro St., 415.861.3136

Chinese Hospital Pharmacy, 845 Jackson St., 415.982.2430
Clay Medical Pharmacy, 929 Clay St., #103, 415.956.5456

Downtown/Civic Center
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 400 Sutter St., 415.398.2175
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 1285 Sutter St., 415.923.5863

North East Medical Services Pharmacy, 2574 San Bruno Ave., 415.352.5091

Financial District
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 351 California St., 415.398.2578
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 581 Market St., 415.777.1654
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 731 Market St., 415.243.0273
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 601 Mission St., 415.442.4737
Walgreens (Pharmacy Hours Only), 275 Sacramento St., 415.362.5227

Inner Richmond
Kaiser Outpatient Pharmacy, 4141 Geary Blvd., First Floor, 415.833.3295
North East Medical Services Pharmacy, 1019 Clement St., 415.391.9686
Walgreens Pharmacy, 5280 Geary Blvd., 415.668.2041

Inner Sunset
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 1900 19th Ave., 415.664.1834
Reliable Rexall Pharmacy, 801 Irving St., 415.664.8800
Walgreens Pharmacy, 500 Parnassus Ave., Level J, 415.681.3394

SFSU Student Health Services Pharmacy, 1600 Holloway Ave., 415.338.1710

Walgreens (Pharmacy Hours Only), 3201 Divisadero St., 415.931.6417

Mission Wellness Pharmacy, 2424 Mission St., 415.826.3484
Walgreens (Pharmacy Hours Only), 1189 Potrero Ave., 415.647.1397
Zuckerberg SF General Hospital Pharmacy, 1001 Potrero Ave., 415.206.8107

Nob Hill
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 1059 Hyde St., 415.346.6101

North Beach
North East Medical Services Pharmacy, 1520 Stockton St., 415.391.9686

Outer Mission
Central Drug Store, 4494 Mission St., 415.585.0111

Outer Sunset
North East Medical Services Pharmacy, 1400 Noriega St., 415.352.5147

Potrero Hill
Alto Pharmacy, 1400 Tennessee St., Unit 2, 800.874.5881

Presidio Heights
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 3600 Geary Blvd., 415.668.6083

Russian Hill
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 799 Beach St., 415.561.0984

CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 377 32nd Ave., 415.666.3153

South of Market
Community Behavioral Health Services Pharmacy, 1380 Howard St., #130, 415.255.3659
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 995 Market St., 415.348.1814
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 1101 Market St., 415.558.1538
Kaiser Outpatient Pharmacy, 1600 Owens St., First Floor, 628.242.6155
SF Sheriff’s Department Community Programs Building, 70 Oak Grove St., 415.575.6450

Visitacion Valley
Visitacion Valley Pharmacy, 100 Leland Ave., 415.239.5811

West of Twin Peaks
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 701 Portola Dr., 415.504.6043

Western Addition
Charlie’s Pharmacy, 1101 Fillmore St., 415.567.0771
CVS Pharmacy (Pharmacy Hours Only), 499 Haight St., 415.503.0722
Kaiser Outpatient Pharmacy, 2238 Geary Blvd., First Floor, 415.833.8018
Post & Divisadero Medical Pharmacy, 2299 Post St., #109, 415.346.2663


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