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SF Energy Watch Multifamily Plus Program

Enhancing Property Value with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

SF Energy Watch offers comprehensive energy assessments (both common and residential spaces) and financial incentives for energy efficient improvements to qualifying multifamily building owners.  Energy efficiency upgrades also reduce future operating and maintenance costs, adding value to the property. Building owners who receive electric and/or natural gas distribution service from PG&E on properties located within the city limits are eligible to participate. To schedule a free energy assessment, contact the SF Energy Watch hotline at 415.355.3769 or email

The deep discounts offered in conjunction with the monthly savings on utility bills after completing the upgrades generally result in a favorable return on investment (ROI) in addition to the value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These benefits prove to be a wise investment. 

Building owners can choose to obtain bids from SF Energy Watch participating contractors or to apply directly for incentives through a self-installation process. Program staff assists owners and their contractors with applications and equipment specifications. The expert technical assistance and turnkey installation services are valuable to multifamily property owners who have little time to examine all the options available in the market today. This personalized attention underscores the importance the City places on taking action to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in San Francisco.

Additional/complimentary multifamily building rebates bay be available through the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Program. Learn More.

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