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SF Energy Watch Preferred Contractor List

Choosing a Contractor

The Preferred Contractor List includes participating contractors that have met all program conditions and requirements, completed all required training sessions, followed program procedures diligently, and provided excellent customer service.

To learn about how to become a participating contractor visit the Contractors page. For additional information, contact the SF Energy Watch Contractor Hotline at (415) 230-8425 or email at

Select service category below to find a Preferred Contractor:


American Wholesale Lighting
Mark Jensen
(510) 252-1088 ext. 208

Clean Tech Lighting and Power
Chris Camp
(415) 952-8324

Di Luzio Inc.
Michael O'Hara
(415) 621-2621

EcoCosm, Inc.
Justin Tiedemann
(415) 830-9360

Lighting Right LLC
Mark Williams
(415) 370-2221

PowerDown Lighting Systems, Inc.
Chick Bornheim
(415) 945-3352

Savior Energy, Inc.
Don Leaman
(925) 383-7400

Star Energy Management 
Heather Baker
(530) 532-9250

Sylvania Lighting Services
Jack Waldvogel
(408) 210-5707

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California Comfort Systems 
John Pink
(650) 968-1811

Crown Distributing
Ken Fong
(510) 918-5270

Energy Wise America
Todd Meyer
(415) 479-2204

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