SF Energy Watch Simple Step-By-Step Program Scheme

How the Program Works

SF Energy Watch offers energy assessments, financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, expert technical assistance and turnkey installation services so you can reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.  The 4 easy steps on how SF Energy Watch works are demystified here:

  1. Request an Energy Assessment

Contact SF Energy Watch at 415-355-3769 or at [email protected] to schedule an on-site energy assessment at no- cost to identify your energy savings. 

  1. Discover Where Energy is Wasted

SF Energy Watch staff recommends energy efficiency upgrades and estimatesyour qualifying financial incentive.

  1. Upgrade Your Equipment

SF Energy Watch staff arranges for licensed contractors to complete upgrades of qualifying energy efficient equipment. Property owners can also opt for self-installation.

  1. Receive Payment

SF Energy Watch staff inspects for project completion and customer satisfaction before releasing payment.