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SF Green Business FAQs

What if my business is not located in San Francisco?
The SF Green Business Program only serves businesses located within the City and County of San Francisco.  If you'd like to contact green business programs outside of San Francisco, please visit

What is the San Francisco Green Business Program?
The SF Green Business Program helps San Francisco businesses operate in an environmentally responsible manner and recognizes them for their efforts. The SF Green Business Program team is a collaboration among three City agencies: San Francisco Department of Public Health, SF Environment, and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

What does the San Francisco Green Business seal mean?
The SF Green Business logo means City and County of San Francisco auditors have verified that a business complies with strict environmental standards to reduce waste, prevent pollution and conserve resources.

How is the San Francisco Green Business Program related to the California Green Business Network?
The SF Green Business Program is a member of the California Green Business Network. The California Green Business Network includes Green Business programs from across the state, with all programs meeting a minimum criteria of environmental standards. The California Green Business database has a full listing of recognized Green Businesses in California.

How are the San Francisco Green Business standards developed?
SF Green Business standards are developed through the California Green Business Network’s Performance and Standards Committee.  Committee members consist of Green Business Coordinators across California.  Measures are developed with input from industry experts, utility companies, and trade associations. 

What do businesses have to do to join the program?
In order to be recognized as a SF Green Business, a business must meet environmental standards in four areas: waste reduction, water conservation, pollution prevention, and energy conservation. They must also be in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

How long is the Green Business recognition valid?
The recognition is valid for four years.

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For more information about how to apply please contact our Green Business team at (415) 355-3778 or [email protected].

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