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Sharing the Zero Waste Toolkit

The Zero Waste Toolkit (SFRecycles and Signmaker) helps businesses and residents make recycling signs and find out what goes in which bin. SF Environment shares parts of the Zero Waste Toolkit with cities and countries working towards zero waste. If you work for a city or county, contact SF Environment about sharing web tools.

Reuse in Action

See customized versions of Signmaker or SF Recycles in cities, counties, and countries around the world. 

About the Team (SF Environment + Partners & Collaborators)

Thank you to our community partners, technical partners, content collaborators, advisors and allies on these web applications. 

  • SFRecycles 2021 team: SF Environment  (Cara Gurney, Jen Jackson,  Maggie Johnson, Alexa Kielty, Zoey Kroll, Huy Le, Asia Meshack, Mark Nicholas) with CivicActions (Adrienne Cabouet, Steve Curtis, Rachel Kroft, Andy Laken, Maicol Lopez) 
  • SFRecycles - team: SF Environment  (Freddy Coronado, Zoey Kroll, Asia Meshack, Mark Nicholas, Donald Oliveira, Sarah Peters) with CivicActions (Steve Curtis, Alaine Karoleff, Josh Rose, Kevin Walsh) and the Zero Waste and Zero Toxics team. 
  • Signmaker - team:  SF Environment (Zoey Kroll, Mark Nicholas, Donald Oliveira, Sarah Peters) with CivicActions (Greg Elin, Jason Heaster)
  • RecycleWhere - team: SF Environment (current: Maggie Johnson, Alexa Kielty, Zoey Kroll, Huy Le, Freddy Coronado; alums: Lawrence Grodeska, Jesse Woltjer, +) with Capellic (Joel Bush, Stephen Musgrave, + alums) and our partners at County Waste Management Authority, Contra Costa County, and City of Palo Alto (Robin Plutchok, Jeanine Sidran, Wendy Hediger, Diedre Dingman, Maureen Parkes, Wendy Hediger)

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