How can I calculate the solar potential of my home or business?

You can use the Solar Cost Estimator to calculate the solar potential of your home. 

1. Enter PV System Information.

If you don’t know what size system is right for your home, for "System Size" enter "3 kW," which is the average system size for a San Francisco home. For "property type" enter "Residential" You can enter specifics on system cost, tilt, and orientation if you know them, or leave them set to the defaults if not

2. Enter PV Financial Information.

Enter the average cost of your monthly electricity bill. Enter whether you’d like to pay for a system with cash or select the type of financing you might use

3. Click "recalculate" and analyze your results!

Click on the tabs to see the impact solar will have on your utility bill, electricity generated versus purchased, cash flow, and environmental benefits.

You can also use the Solar Water Heater Calculator to calculate the solar water heating potential of your home. 

1. Enter your property type and number of occupants. 

2. Click "caculate" and analyze your results. 

Photo: Luminalt