How can I reduce my exposure to radiofrequency-energy from cell phones?

The best way to reduce your exposure to RF Energy from cell phones is to increase the distance between your body and your phone while using and carrying the device. We recommend the following tips:

  • Limit cell phone use by children: Developing brains and thinner skulls lead to higher absorption in children.
  • Use a headset, speakerphone, or text instead: Exposure decreases rapidly with increasing distance from phone.
  • Use a belt clip or keep your phone in a knapsack, briefcase, or handbag to keep some distance between your phone and body: Do not carry your phone directly on your body or at least maintain the recommended safe distance specified in your phones’ user manual.
  • Avoid using your cell phone in areas with a weak signal (in elevators, on transit, or when indicated by your phone): Using a cell phone in areas of good reception decreases exposure by allowing the phone to transmit at reduced power.
  • Reduce the number and length of calls.
  • Turn off your cell phone when not in use.

Visit our cell phone page to learn more about the City's work to address this emerging health concern.