Can the City help finance an energy efficiency and solar project for my commercial building?


Under San Francisco’s commercial PACE program, “GreenFinanceSF,” qualified property owners can secure 100% financing from an investor of their choice, and repay the cost of the upgrade over time through a special line item on their property tax bill. To find out if your building qualifies, please visit the GreenFinanceSF website. There are also other financing options that you can find in the Green Buildings Financing section of our website.

Benefits for property owners:

  • Funding for up to 100% of installed project costs
  • Fund a wide range of projects that reduce operating costs
  • Longer financing terms than would otherwise be possible
  • Lower financing rates than other products in the market
  • Enable projects to be cash flow positive in year one
  • Allows for equitable sharing of costs and savings with current tenants and future owners (payments can be “passed through” to tenants (who benefit from reduced utility costs) as “operating expense” under leases
  • Make building more attractive to tenants
  • Hedge utility rate risk