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Is there a way to use my cell phone and reduce my exposure to radiofrequency energy?

Yes! Just keep a distance between your phone and your body.

All cell phones emit radiofrequency radiation, or RF energy, when connecting with a cell tower. RF energy can be absorbed by the brain or body; this is a cause for concern because the World Health Organization classifies RF energy as a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).

Make easy changes that reduce your exposure to radiofrequency energy.

  • Use a headset or speakerphone, or send a text instead
  • Keep distance between your phone and body by using a belt clip or keep your phone in your bag
  • Avoid using your cell phone in areas with weak signal such as a subway or elevator

Additional Resources

Federal Communication Commision's guide to wireless device health concerns
World Health Organization's electromagnetic fields and public health factsheet


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