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Expand your employee benefits package at little to no cost.

Commuting can be a stressful and costly part of an employee’s day. One of the most cost-effective ways to recruit and retain employees is to provide benefits that make their commute cheaper and easier.

SF Environment’s CommuteSmart staff can help businesses develop or adopt transportation benefits programs that fit their employees’ preferences and their budget. For trips that must be made by car, CommuteSmart staff can help businesses and employees save money by becoming EV ready and making the switch from gasoline to electric vehicles.

Enhance your benefits offerings and encourage your employees to start commuting smart by taking these steps today. 

1. Offer these free, no hassle programs 

Emergency Ride HomeSupport your employees' commute choices with this no cost program that provides employees a free ride home in case of unexpected personal emergencies.  

RidesharingA fast, convenient, and less-expensive way to get to work. 511 is the one-stop-source for all carpooling and vanpooling options in the Bay Area, including apps.  

2. Join the many San Francisco businesses offering Commuter Benefits 

Maintaining a commuter benefits program is an easy, inexpensive and effective recruitment and retention tool supported by Section 132(f) of the IRS tax code. This program is cost-effective, no matter the number of employees you have.  Your employees benefit from saving money on their transit, vanpool or bicycle commute.

The San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance requires businesses with 20 or more employees nationwide to offer a commuter benefits program to their San Francisco employees. 

Learn more about how to identify and implement the right commuter benefits program for your business.

3. For trips that must be made by car, go electric

Provide access to electric vehicle chargers at work. Businesses can help attract and maintain a talented workforce, demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, and increase worker productivity by giving employees access to High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes and shorter commute times. SF Environment can help businesses take advantage of the following resources:

  • Step-by-step guides to becoming electric-vehicle (EV) ready
  • Public charging resources available in San Francisco
  • Incentives for purchasing charging equipment and electric vehicles
  • EV carpooling opportunities
  • EV fleet electrification strategies

4. Ask us for help

CommuteSmart can help you set up an easy and cost-effective commuter benefits program. We can also assist you in enhancing your transportation benefits to tap into our full range of programs to best fit the needs of your employees.

Employer Guides. Step-by-step guidance on setting up a commuter benefits program and becoming EV ready

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