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Take Action for the Environment: 0-80-100-Roots

Climate change affects people around the world, and has serious consequences for those in the Bay Area. Join us in protecting the health of our communities, our environment, and our city. Your actions make a difference: Sign up for clean power, ride public transit, compost and recycle, attend an event outdoors or a public meeting, engage with community and the environment around you.

Zero Waste

80% Sustainable Trips

80% Sustainable Trips

100% Renewable Energy



What is 0-80-100-Roots?

0-80-100-Roots is San Francisco’s climate action framework that will help us meet the challenge of climate change through innovative policies, programs, and partnerships. 

The San Francisco Climate Action Strategy shows that it is possible to reduce the harmful emissions that cause climate change at a citywide scale. Individually, and as a community, we can respond. Working together, we can reach our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals by 2025.

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