What's New in Clean Transportation?

What’s New in Commute Smart?

We have teamed up with the San Francisco Bay Area’s 511 traveler information service to offer a free service called SchoolPool that helps parents share the responsibility of getting children to school. SchoolPool matches parents who make similar school trips. SchoolPool can help you share these responsibilities with other families in your school community while saving you time and money. Sharing the ride reduces traffic congestion, which improves safety and air quality around your child’s school.

Learn more about SchoolPool


What’s New in Electric Vehicles – SF Electric Drive

We want to make EVs a feasible option for vehicle owners by providing free charging opportunities and ongoing education around SF Electric Drive initiatives. We have installed eight chargers-  ready for use by EV owners. We also have helped secure grant funds for a solar EV charger project for the San Francisco Zoo!

To learn more go to Electric Vehicles – SF Electric Drive.


What’s New in San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition Activity?

SFCCC holds ongoing events, including workshops and stakeholder meetings.

Please find out more about SFCCC events and workshops by visiting here.