The State of the Environment During and After COVID-19

The State of the Environment During and After COVID-19 w/Debbie Raphael

What lessons can we learn during this pandemic regarding the environment? How can we continue climate action from home? How is the environment changing following the slowdown of major cities around the world? Director of San Francisco's Department of the Environment, Debbie Raphael, discusses the state of the environment during and following Coronavirus in a cyber conversation with Manny's.

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What lessons can we learn during this pandemic regarding the environment? How can we continue...
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A dynamic city like San Francisco requires the efficient use of clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of today and future generations. Our innovative policies and programs help San Franciscans use energy wisely, while saving money and reducing environmental impacts.

SF Environment aims to reduce travel-created carbon by getting people out of cars and instead traveling by walking, biking or public transit. We also are greening the City fleet of vehicles and encourage the public to reduce their impact by supporting cleaner fuels and vehicles.

Imagine a world in which nothing goes to landfills or to incinerators. We think it is achievable, and SF Environment is doing everything we can to make it happen.

As the first city to adopt the Precautionary Principle, San Francisco strives to protect the health of its residents, visitors and the local environment. SF Environment develops programs and policies to help individuals and businesses make safer choices in products, practices and services.

San Francisco is habitat for 800,000 people – meeting needs for space to work, play, and learn; for food, water, and air; for community with local flora and fauna. SF Environment provides support for urban agriculture and forestry and green buildings, helping residents and businesses harness environmental opportunities.

SF Environment focuses on building community capacity - engaging people throughout the City’s neighborhoods and providing them with the tools, education, and job opportunities to ensure that the places where we live, play, learn, and work are safe and healthy.

Reducing carbon emissions is central to ensuring a sustainable future for San Francisco. Climate change will bring unstable weather, rising sea levels and damage to our city’s natural habitat and infrastructure. SF Environment is committed to mobilizing the City to deal with Climate Change.