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Goals, progress and the future of local climate action
Recognizing that cities play a leading role in producing and potentially reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, San Francisco is actively pursuing citywide strategies to address human-made climate change.



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Reading List of San Francisco Plans and Reports on Climate Change
San Francisco Plans & Reports on Climate Change Read>
The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides funding for local projects that reduce our community’s carbon footprint and add value to our neighborhoods by enhancing public green spaces and the urban forest.Read>
In 2004 San Francisco became one of the first American cities to take political action against climate change. We are pursuing emissions reductions through the promotion of renewable energy, alternative fuels, walking, biking, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.Read>
As part of the update to the San Francisco Community Climate Action Strategy, the Department of Environment Climate Team convened five community advisory panels to provide feedback and partnership. Please see each of their letters below.Read>