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Building community by providing resources, education, and economic opportunity

SF Environment focuses on building community capacity - engaging people throughout the City’s neighborhoods and providing them with the tools, education, and job opportunities to ensure that the places where we live, play, learn, and work are safe and healthy.

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The SF Department of the Environment's Racial Equity Progress Report for 2021.

San Francisco Department of the Environment Racial Equity Action Plan - Phase 1

PK-2 grade song and dance lyrics.

Every Seed has a Journey PK-2 song and dance lyrics.

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Learn the benefits of reuse by making a winter decoration with reused items.

Broaden awareness about conserving resources while learning to make recycled paper.

Set up a worm bin, and learn how worms help the process of decomposition and making compost.

Analyze packaging of everyday items, and learn how to reduce waste.

Trace everyday objects back to the natural resources from which they were made.

Learn how toxic chemicals concentrate at the top of the food chain through biological...