Why Bike to Work? Just Ask San Francisco Resident Corey Block

San Francisco resident Corey Block puts her bike on the bus when she commutes to work on Treasure Island.

San Francisco native Corey Block has been pleasure-riding and commuting on the same peach-colored, mystery-hybrid road  bike since high school. But when she first started working at the Treasure Island Job Corps Center, she would drive her car. “I hadn’t quite figured out the logistics of a more sustainable commute” she says.

Things changed once Corey realized she could ride her bike to the Transbay Terminal and put it on the 108 Muni bus to Treasure Island. “It takes me roughly the same amount of time to get to work when I bike and take the bus as it does when I drive,” she says.

The Benefits are Numerous

“Biking is my favorite part of the day,” Block says. And it has been the perfect opportunity to build exercise into her commute. “I’m not a coffee drinker, but when I ride my bike I get to work feeling awake and ready to start my day,” she says.

Biking also gives Block the chance to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the city. “The views on my commute are breathtaking,” she says. “Every morning, part of my ride is along the Embarcadero and I get a great view of the Bridge and the Bay.”

When bikes were banned on BART during peak commute hours, Block would drive her car when she had plans to visit friends in Oakland after work. Now that BART has lifted the ban, she is able to ride her bike to work and take it on BART on her way to the East Bay. “It’s great because when I get there, I don’t have to worry about parking,” she says.

Block puts her bike on the 108 Muni bus to Treasure Island

Advice for Others

What are some tips for San Francisco residents who are considering biking as a commute option? “When you first ride to work, see if a friend will do it with you. Try it on a weekend to get the feel for it and how long it takes,” she recommends. “Don’t feel pressured to do it every day. Just try it!”

In addition to wool arm warmers (Block’s most prized possession), she recommends getting involved with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. “It’s amazing to be part of the bike community,” she says. “Bike to Work Day is one of my favorite days of the year.”

Additional Resources

San Francisco's goal is for 20 percent of all commute trips to be by bicycle by 2020. SF Environment’s CommuteSmart program helps San Francisco commuters like Corey choose sustainable transportation modes to and from work. Find out how to green your commute by visiting sfenvironment.org/commutesmart.

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