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Leading by example
San Francisco is taking action on climate change at the local government level. To meet our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals, City departments must participate in San Francisco’s climate action program and develop annual climate action plans.



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In 2008, San Francisco became one of the first US cities to require its city departments to develop annual climate action plans outlining steps to improve the environment.

The City and County of San Francisco, as a local government entity, plans to reduce substantial GHG emissions in its operational carbon footprint. Based on data from 2010, City departments have reduced GHG emissions by seven percent below 2005 levels and San Francisco aims to continue reducing its carbon footprint.Read>
Green & Blue Awards
The annual Green & Blue Awards celebrate City employees’ sustainability accomplishments and leadership with honors reflective of the environmental areas covered in the department climate action plans. Read>
This guide describes a first stage assessment to identify the potential costs, benefits, and feasibility of transitioning San Francisco’s municipal building stock to low emission space and water heating systems (collectively “building heating”). Read>