Departamento ng Kapaligiran ng San Francisco  (San Francisco Department of the Environment) 

City Departments Are Leading the Way on Climate Action

San Francisco departments and City staff play a critical role in implementing innovative solutions to tackle climate change, leading by example, and providing visible proof of the benefits of climate action on the health and livelihood of all San Franciscans.

For over a decade, City departments have carried out measures to decarbonize buildings and fleets. Municipal emissions have declined by 30% since 2010 and make up less than 3% of total emissions in San Francisco. Municipal emissions are mostly generated by natural gas use in City buildings and gasoline used in non-revenue fleet.

Municipal Emissions


Partner with SF Environment

The San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment) provides climate data and technical support for projects done by San Francisco departments and City staff. SF Environment can help your department reduce emissions and increase benefits to health, equity, and the economy. Sample project areas:

  • Reduce gasoline and diesel use in buildings or vehicles
  • Choose electric technologies for vehicles and building systems (such as space and water heating)
  • Encourage sustainable modes of transportation (biking, walking, transit)
  • Use cleaner fuels.

Contact us with project and partnership ideas.

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