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Emergency Ride Home

Commute to work, worry-free. We've got your back.

If you walk, bike, take transit, carpool, or ride shared mobility (with the exception of car share) to work in San Francisco, you’re eligible for a free, guaranteed ride home in case of an emergency.  

How it works

  1. Have a qualifying emergency
  2. Get a ride home via official taxi or public transit
  3. Save your receipt
  4. Submit a reimbursement request (your request and receipt(s) must be received within 30 days of the trip)
  5. Get reimbursed up to $150 (tips not included)

Program guidelines

Qualifying emergencies

  • Illness or crisis experienced by you or an immediate family member
  • Carpool or vanpool ride is unavailable due to unexpected changes in the driver’s schedule or vehicle breakdown
  • Bicycle problem including flat tire, mechanical failure, vandalism, or theft
  • Required, unexpected overtime that the employee was not aware of  before the start of the workday. Supervisor authorization is required.
  • Home emergency, such as a break-in, fire, flood, or other emergency that occurs at your residence 

Eligible participants

All employees of a San Francisco-based employer who are 18 years or older and commute to work by foot, bike, transit, carpool or shared mobility (with the exception of car share) on the day of a qualifying emergency are eligible to submit a reimbursement request, including travel to locations outside San Francisco. 


Emergency mobility options

Take an official taxi or public transportation for your emergency ride home. Rides taken via Uber or Lyft are NOT eligible for reimbursement. Shared rides taken through Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), such as UberPool or Lyft Line, also are not eligible for reimbursement. Download the Flywheel and YoTaxi apps to conveniently order a taxi when you need a ride:


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YoTaxi SF

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Trip restrictions

Trips must originate at the employee’s work location in San Francisco and can end at home, a transit stop, or the location of their parked car (e.g. park-and-ride lot, carpool partner’s home, etc.) either in or outside of San Francisco. 
Emergency-related side trips on the way home are permitted, including picking up a sick child at school or daycare, filling a prescription at a pharmacy, or stopping at an ATM for cash to pay the taxi driver.  
Non-reimbursable trips: 
  • Personal errands or pre-planned medical appointments 
  • Emergencies that require an ambulance 
  • Business-related travel 
  • Overtime that was planned or known prior to the start of a workday, or that was not authorized by a supervisor 
  • Natural disasters or civic emergencies (e.g. earthquake, demonstration, etc.) 
  • Transit service breakdown or interruption in service 
  • Transportation to a doctor or hospital resulting from an on-the-job injury (Emergency Ride Home cannot be used to replace an employer’s legal responsibility under workers’ compensation regulations) 
  • Non-emergency related side trips on the way home 
  • Rides taken via TNCs (i.e. Uber/Lyft) 


Reimbursements guidelines

Submit your reimbursement request by using this form
For rides taken via official taxi and public transportation, save your official receipt or electronic statement and include with the reimbursement request form. 
If your qualifying emergency is unexpected overtime, you must attach a signed copy of the supervisor approval form with your reimbursement request. 
Employees can be reimbursed for up to four trips per fiscal year (July 1–June 30) and up to $150 per trip (tips not included). If reimbursement requests exceed the $150 per trip limit, the participant will receive up to $150 in reimbursement for qualifying expenses and will be responsible for the remainder of the ride cost. 

Contact Information

San Francisco Environment Department (SF Environment)
City & County of San Francisco
Phone: (415) 355-3700
Email: [email protected]


This program supports the City's goal of reaching 80% Sustainable Trips (or Low-Carbon Trips). Learn more about San Francisco's Climate Action goals at


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