San Francisco Department of the Environment

Love Food?

What we eat matters; for the health of ourselves, our communities, our climate, and our Earth. Shopping locally, storing food to last, and making sure we know when food is safe or spoiled are key parts of preventing food waste, and food waste is a big deal.

Shop Smart
Shop your refrigerator before going to store
Make a list and buy only what you need (Save the Food)
Make a plan to use it all by finding recipes in advance (Ends + Stems)

Shop Local
Get produce from local farmers at SF Farmers Markets, open year round
Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Cook Creatively
Use food scraps to make stock, breadcrumbs, carrot top pesto, and other creative ideas.
Tips and hacks to make the most of your ingredients (Love Food Hate Waste)

Keep It Fresh!
How to make produce last longer and stay fresh
10-minute reality check to save money and prevent food waste (StopFoodWaste)
Tips for understanding food labels and expiration dates



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