Commendation Resolution Council Member William Most

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

[Commendation for Urban Forestry Council Member William Brock Most]

Resolution commending William Brock Most, member of the Urban Forestry Council, for his service and dedication to the City and County of San Francisco’s Urban Forestry Council and for improving San Francisco’s urban forest.

WHEREAS, William Brock Most served on the Urban Forestry Council as a representative of the community from April 2, 2013 to July 25, 2014 and as Chair of the Urban Forestry Council’s Funding Committee from October 2013 to July 2014; and,

WHEREAS, William Brock Most provided valuable, pragmatic advice to the Council’s many projects and programs; and, 

RESOLVED, The Urban Forestry Council extends its deepest gratitude to William Brock Most; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council commends William Brock Most for his dedication and service to the Urban Forestry Council; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council wishes William Brock Most well in his future endeavors.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on September 26, 2014.

Monica Fish, Council Secretary                  Dan Flanagan, Council Chair

VOTE:  Approved 9-0; 2 Absent

Ayes: Members Flanagan, Hillan, Hillson, Leffingwell, Most, Sherwin, Short, Sullivan (Michael) and Swae

Noes:  None

Absent: Members Kida and Sullivan (Andrew)