Resolution Amend Urban Forestry Council Bylaws Membership

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[Amend Urban Forestry Council Bylaws]

Resolution amending the Urban Forestry Council's Bylaws Article III – Urban Forestry Council, Section 1: Number, to change the composition of Urban Forestry Council membership.

WHEREAS, The Urban Forestry Council at its May 22, 2015  meeting amended the Urban Forestry Council’s Bylaws Article III-Urban Forestry Council, Section 1: Number, as follows:

Article III – Urban Forestry Council

Section 1:  Number

Council members will represent the full range of urban forest stakeholders including city agencies, non-profit organizations, tree management organizations, and community members. The Council shall be composed of eleven fifteen voting members. and four advisory members.  City Department Heads, the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor appoint council members (San Francisco Environment Code Chapter 12 Sec. 1202(a)).

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on May 22, 2015.

Monica Fish, Council Secretary                Dan Flanagan, Council Chair

VOTE:    Approved

Ayes:     Members Flanagan, Hillan, Hillson, Lacan, A. Sullivan, M. Sullivan, Carter and Manzone

Noes:    None

Absent:  Members Alvarez, Short, Kida, Leffingwell, Sherwin, and Swae