Resolution Commending John Leffingwell

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[Resolution Commending John Leffingwell]

Resolution commending John Leffingwell for his service and dedication to the San Francisco Urban Forestry Council.

WHEREAS, John Leffingwell has been an outstanding public servant and has worked diligently during his career to support and protect San Francisco’s urban forest; and,

WHEREAS, John Leffingwell was appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee on June 18, 2013 to fill a seat on the San Francisco Urban Forestry Council representing the tree care industry and was subsequently reappointed to the same position on December 9, 2014; and

WHEREAS, John Leffingwell joined the San Francisco Urban Forestry Council with a distinguished academic background having previously earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Botany from Humboldt State University, a Master of Science in Forestry from the University of California, Berkeley, and remains a Registered Consulting Arborist and a Board Certified Master Arborist; and

WHEREAS, John Leffingwell brought invaluable expertise to the San Francisco Urban Forestry Council with a longstanding professional track record as a Consulting Arborist and Urban Forester for Hort Science where he has spent a decade offering his experience in managing urban tree risk assessments, reforestation, and urban-wildland interface issues; and

WHEREAS, John Leffingwell has earned and maintained the esteem of his colleagues on the San Francisco Urban Forestry Council and the residents of the City and County of San Francisco environmental community for his significant contributions to the health and well-being of the San Francisco urban forest, as one of the most active members of the Planning and Funding Committee for the duration of his appointment and his efforts supporting important UFC projects such development of the Guiding Principles for Mature and Historic Tree Stands; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, The Urban Forestry Council extends its deepest gratitude to John Leffingwell for his time and commitment to improving San Francisco’s urban forest; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council wishes John Leffingwell well in all his future endeavors.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on March 25, 2016.

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Anthony Valdez                                            Dan Flanagan

Commission Affairs Manager                      Chair, Urban Forestry Council


Vote:           11-0 Approved

Ayes:           Flanagan, Short, Hillan, Hillson, Lacan, Andrew Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Taylor, Carter, Manzone, Swae

Noes:           None

Absent:        Kida