Resolution Commending Yolanda Manzone

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

[Resolution Commending Yolanda Manzone]

Resolution commending Yolanda Manzone for her service and dedication to the Urban Forestry Council.

WHEREAS, Yolanda Manzone served as a representative for the Public Utilities Commission from September 2014 through February 2017; and,

WHEREAS, Yolanda Manzone undertook the critical role of championing the UFC’s work and goals within the SFPUC, providing resources to support the UFC’s continuity and efficacy; and,    

WHEREAS, Yolanda Manzone provided invaluable expertise and keen guidance, collecting and managing data for important UFC projects such as the Annual Urban Forest Report; and,

WHEREAS, Yolanda Manzone has made innumerable contributions to the work and impact of the Urban Forestry Council; now, therefore be it,

RESOLVED, The Urban Forestry Council extends its deepest gratitude to Yolanda Manzone; and be it,

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council commends Yolanda Manzone for her dedication to the Urban Forestry Council and to improving San Francisco’s urban forest; and be it,

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Urban Forestry Council wishes Yolanda Manzone well in all her future endeavors.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Urban Forestry Council’s Regular Meeting on February 28, 2017.

Anthony Valdez, Commission Affairs Manager      Dan Flanagan, Council Chair

Vote:              10-0 Approved

Ayes:              Members Flanagan, Short, Carter, Crawford, Hillan, Hillson, Kida, Michael Sullivan, Swae, Taylor.

Noes:            None

Absent:          Members Lacan, Lowman, Manzone and Andrew Sullivan.