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Climate Action Plan

The 2021 San Francisco Climate Action Plan (the Plan) charts a pathway to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and works toward addressing racial and social equity, public health, economic recovery, resilience, and providing safe and affordable housing to all.

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Get Involved

In 2022, the San Francisco Environment Department will launch an education and outreach series for residents and businesses on local climate news, the latest climate science, events, workshops, and more ways to get involved. Sign-up to receive updates from SF Environment to stay plugged-in.


Watch the replay of the 2021 Climate Action Plan launch event. TEDxCityofSanFrancisco featured a curation of talks and performances to inspire community action in the fight against climate change. 

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Take Action

Climate change affects people around the world, and has serious consequences for those in the Bay Area. Protect the health of our communities, our environment, and our city with your actions — they matter!

Calculate your carbon footprint
There are several online tools to help you calculate your personal carbon emissions. Check out UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Calculator

Waste reduction

Reduce your waste.
Reuse, recycle, compost.


Make most trips on public transit, carpool, bike, or foot.
Make your next car purchase an electric vehicle.

Your home

Choose renewable energy (CleanPowerSF).
Electrify your home and get off fossil fuels.

Protect our urban ecosystem 

Protect our urban green spaces.
Grow the urban forest.
Garden with native plants; protect local pollinators.

0-80-100 Roots Framework

San Francisco Climate Action: 0-80-100-Roots is San Francisco’s climate action framework that will help us meet the challenge of climate change through innovative policies, programs, and partnerships. 

  • Zero Waste and Zero Toxics
  • 80% Low Carbon Trips
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Roots

SF's Climate Action Plan provides a roadmap to reduce the harmful emissions that cause climate change while creating a more equitable, healthy and resilient city.


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