San Francisco Department of the Environment

Recycle Your Clothes, Linens, and Rags (Textiles)

Collect clean rags, scrap cloth, holey socks, and fabric inside a clear plastic bag, tie it off, and put in your blue recycling bin. 

Take clothing in good condition   as well as shoes, purses, and backpacks  to a local reuse and recycling site

Why textiles?

San Franciscans send 4,500 pounds of textiles to landfill every hour.

Most of the 39 million pounds of textiles we send to the waste stream each year can be reused or recycled into insulation material, flooring, packaging, or cushioning in stuffed toys, insoles, and bags.

Are we at Zero yet?

San Francisco is striving for Zero Waste.

Reusing or recycling clothing, shoes, and other textiles conserves natural resources and protects our climate. San Francisco has already set a North American record for recycling & composting, but we'll need your help to reach zero waste.