San Francisco Environment Department

Which plastics are recyclable in San Francisco?

All rigid plastics can go in the blue recycling bin, regardless of the number.

San Francisco’s recycling program accepts any “rigid,” solid plastic that holds a shape and is hard to break or crumple with bare hands. This includes:

  • emptied and cleaned plastic bottles
  • tubs and lids
  • cups
  • buckets
  • plant, yogurt, and clamshell containers

Plastic toys can be recycled as long as they have no metal parts, batteries, circuit boards or wiring.

Recycle Plastic Film and Plastics with Electronics

Plastic bags and other film plastics such as tortilla bags and plastic wrap can now go in your blue bin! Please bundle clean soft plastic into one bag and place in the blue recycling bin.

Plastics with metal parts, batteries, circuit boards or wiring cannot go in the blue bin.

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