San Francisco Department of the Environment

Safe Drug Disposal Stewardship Ordinance for Producers

Adopted Regulations for the Ordinance

The Department of the Environment adopts the following regulations to detail the minimum requirements for the design, effectiveness, and coordination of the outreach activities required by the Ordinance.

Regulation #SFE-16-01-SDDSO (PDF) - effective July 25, 2016

Ordinance Fee Schedule

At its May 24, 2016 meeting, the San Francisco Commission on the Environment approved an hourly Plan Review Fee and a per-Plan Annual Operating Fee to recover the Department of the Environment's costs of administering and enforcing the Ordinance. A Plan Operator or a Stewardship Organization may remit the fees on behalf of the Producers participating in their Plan. 

Approved Fee Schedule (PDF) - effective May 31, 2016

Other Requirements

Stewardship Plan Requirements for Producers (PDF)

Additional Resources

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